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Welcome to the 167th installment of Daily Humor, which has not been daily for a couple of reasons. I have been making them daily though, but YouTube has been constantly dinging my videos left and right. I am sorry for the irregularity.
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A dragon made a mixtape. I couldn't understand the words, but I bet it was fire
El autor - I don't deserve subs
Early nibba
El autor - Seán OConnor
This entire video had me opening my 4th eye
El autor - zedze
So you are uploading 10min videos now.

Next we are gonna ask u...

30min vid

1 hour vid

1 day vid

Infinite live
El autor - Earth -chan
El autor - Bomby
Am I finally Early? (Insert Joke About Being Early)
El autor - I'm Not An Alien.
If I have to read manga backwards then do I watch anime in reverse?
El autor - The unforeseen Forces
167th like!!! On 167th ep !!!! Wat. Illuminati confirmed
El autor - Adam
Me early. Me needs thinks of a funny joke.

El autor - Jeno Burgos
Late squad
El autor - xxblazewxx GD
El autor - Sebastián Illés
Is it just me but I see 165 and this is 167 but I can't find 166. Comment if you have that issue too.
El autor - sachell parkinson
How to make time pass fastly:
1-open youtube
2-surch humor volt
3-open a video
The next time you remember you have a real life you will find that you have watched every single daily humour episode and wasted most of your day
El autor - 00000BOB00000 Hajj
El autor - 9V Batterij
I'm early, better make a joke

Like if you agree
El autor - Dr.Pepper YouTube. Trust me, it is real one
I accidentally punched my friends French horn in band and he screamed, “DON’T FIST MY FRENCH HORN.” All I have to say is fml.
El autor - MrDerpyNerd
Excuse me? Were there chips in that bag of Lays? That was obviously a mistake.
El autor - eat lays every day
How to make a robot say Wi-Fi.
Thischannel copied Grahamthe Christian
El autor - - Anti - Septic - Eye -
What happened to number 166?
El autor - A-a-ron
I thought is going to say "oh car, I took my crap in my phone
El autor - weeninator
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